Our Story

What would you like to do? Where do you want to go? What do you feel like doing? Lean back, we've got you. Whether in Berlin or any other place, nobody likes to waste a lot of time on unnecessary research when travelling. In times of endless best-of lists, Raaago helps you to find the most special places, best cafés and tastiest restaurants in Berlin, handpicked for you and presented in a beautiful design that is completely designed to help you relax on the go.

Raaago is all about the moment. A café after a museum visit, a dinner after a long walk or a bar for all your best friends. With Raaago you can always find the best tip directly, curated from a database with all the best that a city has to offer. With this combination of idea, technology and the network of people who love and know their hometowns like no other, the result is not only a guide, but a new travel tool you won't want to miss anymore.

With our Time Passes (In-App-Purchases), we have developed a completely new system of pricing in order to provide a suitable offer for everyone. To try and test the app we have our basic access "The Gift" with one tip every day for free. For the full experience with unlimited tips and our inventory search you can choose from the following options (you can find the current prices in our App):

- The Weekender / 7 days unlimited access: For all who are planning a short city trip. 7 days access to the complete Raaago experience. One time payment, no subscription.

- The Traveler / 30 days unlimited access: If you have to work abroad, the trip is a bit longer or you need access to the Raaago service in advance there are 30 days of access. Also only a one-time payment and no subscription.

- The Member / 1 year unlimited access: For all of you who don't want to miss the Raaago tool in your daily life and are loyal travelers on our journey, we offer the Member pass, which gives you access to all services and features for less than one Euro per month. Subscription automatically renewed every year.

Are you ready for the random travel tool? Download the Raaago app.

We're constantly working to improve and enhance the Raaago experience, incorporating new ideas and more sophisticated techniques. So stay in touch with us, it's getting exciting and we're just starting - we're launching with the best city in the world, Berlin.